Chasing Demons

LBJ talks to RFK
Credit- Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library
Chasing Demons
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The mid 1960’s saw America at war on two fronts: on the paddy fields of Vietnam and in the streets of 53 of its cities that erupted into violence that bordered on anarchy. Inside the White House President Johnson is besieged as he perceives enemies to be at every turn. None were more dangerous or corrosive than the threat posed by the junior senator from New York, Robert F. Kennedy. Drawing on tapes released by the Johnson library we revealed the impact of Johnson’s paranoia. We also see his desperate attempt to court favor with JFK’s widow Jackie Kennedy Onassis. On tapes released only after Jackie’s death we hear LBJ proclaim his love and devotion for Jackie and his desire the become “John-John” and Caroline’s “new daddy.”

Behind The Scenes

An Oval Office was built at the “New Millennium Studios” in Petersburg Virginia. The White House residency was re-created by filming inside the Governor of Virginia’s official residence. Additional shooting took place inside LBJ’s ranch in Johnson City, Texas. All re-enactments were shot on 16mm film to blend with original footage obtained from the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas.

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David C. Taylor
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