Perfect Valor

Soldiers stand guard on bombed out rooftop during Battle of Fallujah
Credit- United States Marine Corps
Perfect Valor
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Twenty months into the Iraq War, Fallujah was an insurgent sanctuary. The overwhelming presence of Al-Qaeda and foreign fighters had the city on the brink of destruction. The film captures the reality of war from the perspective of the Marines who fought the battle of Fallujah. The story is told by those who were there and family members left behind. Among those who share their experiences is a Navy doctor who ran a clinic in the middle of the fight; a Navy Cross recipient struggling with the horrors of PTSD; the Commanding General for the campaign, and the wife of a second lieutenant who didn’t come home.

“Expertly filmed, edited and narrated. Provides a unique glimpse into the
lives of those who experience combat. Accurately reflects the preparation required to brace our forces for the grim realities of war.”- General James Mattis, USMC

Behind The Scenes

The production team was granted access to 120 hours of previously classified and unreleased high definition video of the invasion shot by the Marine Corps. Generals Richard Natonski and James Mattis provided full support for the project and opened doors to Marines who shared the harsh reality of war. The film benefits from unprecedented access to internal reports made by Marine field historians.

Produced For
Theatrical Release
David C. Taylor
David C. Taylor, Matilda Bodie
Senior Associate Producer
Amanda Fox
David C. Taylor
Amy Overbeck
Fred Thompson
Best Documentary- GI Film Festival & Beaufort International Film Festival. Norm Hatch Award