Texas Drug Wars

A Texas Ranger holding an assault rifle
Credit- Texas Department of Public Safety Archives
Texas Drug Wars
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In 2015 US Border Patrol seized 1.5 million pounds of illegal substances attempting to cross at the US southern border. That accounts for 99.4% of seized drugs by the agency that year. The Texas Rangers are at war with the Mexican cartels and multinational gangs who operate these smuggling activities across the Rio Grande. For six months the production team was granted exclusive access to the Texas Rangers’ reconnaissance teams conducting interdiction efforts along the river. From Department of Public Safety helicopters, drones, water patrols, and hidden teams of heavily armed Rangers, the documentary follows the department’s confrontations with the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas. 

Behind The Scenes

This documentary represented the first time Texas DPS have ever allowed their interdiction units to be filmed. Filming consisted of five separate camera crews and eight go-pro cameras stationed on the ground, inside DPS helicopters, and inside DPS mobile command center.

Produced For
Eddie Barbini
David C. Taylor
Senior Associate Producer
Melissa Lucy
David C. Taylor