JFK: A Presidency Revealed

Injured JFK leaves vehicle
Credit- John F. Kennedy Presidential Library
JFK: A Presidency Revealed
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The documentary special examined Kennedy’s presidency based on newly released medical records that illustrate the extent of his physical frailty. The documents showed that last rites had been administered to Kennedy three times in the 1950’s. His chronic back pain drove him to seek relief through amphetamines administered by Dr. Max Jabobson, who was known as “Dr. Feelgood.” The film shows how Kennedy’s medical condition impacted his presidency. From needing back injections to sit up to deliver his national broadcast in the middle of the Cuban missile crisis, to experiencing excruciating pain during the second day of his summit with Nikita Khruschev. Tragically his death was in part a result of wearing a back brace in Dallas that prevented him from falling forward after the first non-lethal shot.

“grade “A”… remarkable”- Houston Chronicle

“Unflinching, refreshing ,excellent.”- Seattle Post

Behind The Scenes

White House insiders such as Ted Sorensen, Robert McNamara, and Arthur Schlesinger provide political assessment, Congressman John Lewis and Julian Bond describe his reluctance to embrace the civil rights movement, and Senator Edward Kennedy shared his unique perspective on how his brother coped with challenges that saw the world brought to the brink of a nuclear Armageddon. The production was shot in Miami, Moscow, Berlin and Hyannis Port. Recently released White House tapes capturing Kennedy’s phone calls and key meetings with  his inner circle, bring the story to life. 

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David C. Taylor & Frank Sesno
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