Hello Mr. President

LBJ looks frustrated taking phone call
Hello Mr. President
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Within three days of taking over the White House, President Lyndon B. Johnson had a Dictaphone installed in his office to record phone calls for historical record. In 1994, the Johnson library released the first batch of tapes recorded by LBJ during his presidency. They offer a unique insight into the way the president coped with the aftermath of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Johnson wanted future generations to understand his presidency with the “bark off.” From Vietnam to Civil Rights, Hello Mr. President captures the drama in real time and offers unparalleled perspective on this pivotal moment in American History. 

Behind The Scenes

Re-enactments bring the audio recordings to life, but the words spoken are those of the President and his senior staff. The person who activated the tape recorder was Johnson’s secretary Marie Fehmer: the ultimate insider who agreed to be interviewed for the very first time for the film. We also hear from Lady Bird Johnson, Robert McNamara, Jack Valenti, James Farmer and John Lewis.

Produced For
History Channel & Channel 4
Philip Day
David C. Taylor
Sir Charles Wheeler & David C. Taylor
Director of Photography
Ray Brislin
Peabody Award Winner