Crossing The Bridge

Police Officer aggressively standing over a fallen protester in Selma
Credit- Alabama State Police Archives
Crossing The Bridge
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The Selma to Montgomery march was a turning point of the Civil Rights campaign for equal justice in American. The march was part of a series of protests occurring throughout the South in 1965. The 54-mile route from Selma to the state Capitol took three attempts and early efforts were marred by violence before eventual federal government intervention allowed the march to proceed. The story is told through re-enactments and previously unseen film taken by undercover Alabama State police. John Lewis, James Farmer, James Orange, CT Vivian and Nicholas Katzenbach look back on the events leading up to Bloody Sunday and describe how President Lyndon B. Johnson responded.

Behind The Scenes

The files of the Alabama Department of Public Safety became an unexpected and invaluable asset, including photographs of civil rights leaders taken by undercover agents. DPS files showed how they had bugged Dr. King and had spies inside the movement. A frail George Wallace provided a unique perspective on the protests, despite being too sick to go on camera.  His contribution is reflected in interviews with his closest aides. LBJ’s recorded phone calls from the White House allow the audience to eavesdrop on this vital moment in American history.

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Discovery Channel & BBC
David C. Taylor
David C. Taylor
David C. Taylor
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Ray Brislin
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Emmy for Outstanding Historical Documentary (Nomination in 2001, Win in 2007 Re-Release), Silvery Telly