The Johnson Tapes: RFK vs LBJ

RFK whispers to LBJ
The Johnson Tapes: RFK vs LBJ
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The film explores one of the greatest political rivalries in American history. Bobby Kennedy saw the president as “a mean, vicious man; an animal in many ways” who demanded total loyalty. President Johnson saw his Attorney General as “a little runt of a man, consumed by his sense of entitlement.” LBJ seceded Bobby’s brother John as president, and as Bobby campaigned to secede LBJ in the presidency, the relationship became increasingly volatile, which provides an interesting backdrop through which to re-examine extraordinary times.

Behind The Scenes

For the film, Ethel Kennedy agreed to release previously closed tapes with Bobby that provide his assessment of LBJ. These tapes are supplemented by conversations with John Seigenthaler and Richard Goodwin who counseled Kennedy. LBJ confidants such as Jack Valenti and George Reedy saw the President up close and offered their perspectives. LBJ is also heard talking to his White House staff on tapes released during the production of the documentary. The film was originally released by the BBC under the name “Chasing Demons”.

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David C. Taylor
David C. Taylor
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