New Deal for Democrats

President Bill Clinton greets supporters
Credit- William J. Clinton Presidential Library
New Deal for Democrats
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In the summer of 1991 the BBC commissioned a film that involved following Democratic challenges to President George HW Bush during the six months leading up to the Iowa caucuses. At the time Bush, stood with a 91% approval rating and appeared unassailable. During the course of filming Bush went from invincibility to vulnerability. The film takes an inside look into the campaigns of Senator Paul Tsongas and Senator Tom Harkin. The film also covers the emergence of Governor Bill Clinton, the ultimate “Comeback Kid.” The film explore the economic decline that suddenly suggested George HW Bush would be a one-term president.

Behind The Scenes

Tom Harkin allowed us to follow him up close, which show him in unguarded moments rarely seen in today’s scripted campaigns. The crew captured the change of seasons, from an early harvest in Iowa to the onset of fall in New England. The harsh reality of winter in New Hampshire sees factories close and food kitchens spring up. What had looked like the best of times had quickly become the worst of times.

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David C. Taylor
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