Nixon: A Presidency Revealed

President Nixon raises both hands triumphantly overhead.
Credit- Richard Nixon Presidential Library
Nixon: A Presidency Revealed
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This film is a portrait of the 37th president that looks beyond Watergate to examine both Nixon’s brilliance as well as his fatal flaws. It highlights the astute political instincts that brought him into the presidency and ultimately the weakness of character that brought him down. Alexander Butterfield, who installed the White House taping system, provides a unique perspective on Richard Nixon, the man. By listening to hundreds of hours of these recordings the production team is able to fully reveal how Nixon conducted himself in office.

“Nixon: A Presidency Revealed’ is up there with the best of the best of
what ‘History Channel’ does best.”- New York Times

Behind The Scenes

Historical context is provided through interviews with critics such as Ben Bradlee and John Dean, but also from supporters like Ray Price, Robert Dole and Henry Kissinger. Camp David reenactments help to recreate Nixon’s isolated world. Filming was conducted inside the Montgomery County jail because it housed Egil “Bud” Krogh, the head of the White House plumbers who was the first Nixon staff member to be sentenced to prison for carrying out the president’s orders. 

Produced For
History Channel
David C. Taylor
David C. Taylor
Senior Associate Producers
Matilda Bodie & Ron Simon
David C. Taylor
Bob Kanner
Emmy Nomination- Outstanding Individual Achievement for Writing, Outstanding Historical Programming