October Fury

Surfacing Submarine
Credit- Russian State Archives
October Fury
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October Fury is a familiar story told from a new perspective. Rarely have documentaries on the Cuban missile crisis involved trips to Murmansk, St Petersburg, and Moscow. This is the story of four Soviet submarines carrying nuclear tipped torpedoes sailing towards Cuba. Under orders to resist any attempt to board their vessels, one boat is forced to the surface by the USS Blandy. When the destroyer’s guns turn towards the submarine, the Soviet captain gives out the order to flood the torpedo tube and prepare to fire.  Knowing standard orders in October 1962, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara believes the United States is thirty-seconds from a full scale nuclear war. 

Behind The Scenes

Significant footage was obtained from the Soviet military archive in order to tell the story as film crews were on the Soviet boats at the time. All four Captains and General Anatoli Gribkov from the Soviet High Command were interviewed for the film.

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